Hot Chilli Beef Jerky 150g


Hot Chilli Beef Jerky 150g


Flavour profile; The first bite you pickup a number of different flavours, then the heat starts to creep in slowly. It’s hot, but not an evil hot. If you don’t like chilli please dont try this one. 4 out of 5 Heat Scale.


I was making a basic chilli recipe and big Simon from Darwin agreed it was nice.. but he wanted something with more heat. So I got to it and bumped things up a bit… and well, you guessed it, he loved it. This is how my “hot chilli” version came to life.

Complex first flavour boost, then a slow creeping heat that lingers for a few minutes.



Additional information

Weight 172 g

Nutritional Information

Servings per package:  3   
Serving size:  50  g 
Quantity per
Quantity per
100 g 
Energy  617  kJ  1230  kJ 
Protein  22.4  g  44.9  g 
Fat, total  4.2  g  8.4  g 
– saturated  1.4  g  2.8  g 
Carbohydrate  4.1  g  8.3  g 
– sugars  3.2  g  6.3  g 
Sodium  1070  mg  2140  mg 


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