What’s in Bud Brothers Jerky?

Beef Jerky is packed full of protein and is considered a healthy snack food not to mention the ideal accompaniment with an ice cold beverage.


Our mild spices curry blend has actually been a feature spice in our blend since we started experimenting.  In fact, our Curry spice is Halal, it’s also one of the only ingredients imported, but it is packaged here in Australia. 

Curry has lots of health benefits and many claims to fame… we’ll let you research up on that.  


Our pepper blend is grown in Silkwood, Tropical Queensland, right on our doorstep. Silkwood Pepper enhances the Bud Brothers Jerky, adding that burst of flavour, whilst complimenting our spice mix and fresh ginger ingredients.


Our ginger is a blend of crushed and freshly grated.  We source fresh ginger all over Queensland, and in Tropical Queensland straight from the farmer to our factory.  Fresh ginger delivers a powerful flavour in our Original blend of Bud Brothers Jerky. 

Ginger is the healthiest root vegie you can eat, it is loaded with antioxidants and has medicinal values dating way back in time.


Say no more!

BEEF PROTIEN provides iron and four essential vitamins – niacin, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12.  100% Australian beef goes into every batch of Bud Brothers Jerky… whilst a lot of our beef is organic, we aren’t chasing organic, its just cattle that roams free is normally lean and perfect for our Bud Brothers Jerky. 


Worcester and Soy sauces are used to provide that subtle salty mix and helps our spices infuse flavour to our blends. 

Its worth noting  Worcester and Soy contain fish, soy and gluten.  


Our jerky contains the following Allergens; Soy, Gluten, Fish .   


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, because our Australian 100% Beef is packed full of Protein, so it’s definitely a healthy choice for a snack..   

BBJ is a great protein boost after the gym, run, walk or simply driving on the open road…  

Great question… Bud Brothers Jerky currently has a best before date on the package of around 3 months. We know it lasts much longer than that. BBJ can be stored just about anywhere, in the cupboard, the fridge, the freezer, we’ve even had reports of BBJ customers that leave it in the car… I guess the key here is, it lasts as long as you don’t eat it.. but what’s the point of that!

Jerky is dried meat.  It’s dried using temperature controlled dehydrators, which are very sophisticated these days. This ensures the process meets Australian Food Standards Code. BBJ uses a marinating process which infuses flavour into the beef prior to the drying process. 

Bud Brothers Jerky is readily available to purchase online at our 24 hour shop www.bbjerky.com.au    

Our jerky contains the following Allergens; Soy, Gluten and Fish.

Australian Beef Jerky

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